Friday, May 22, 2009

The Current State of My Curls - Featuring Carol's Daughter

I'm trying these products out which are the Hair Milk and the Mimosa Hair Honey in order to moisturize my very dry and partially damaged hair. My hair has gotten better over time since it has grown out because I had so many straight pieces from flatironing and my hair is nothing like it was when I was just pressing it. I've been braiding it every night so I can get some partial curls back until the next time I trim it. I want my hair to grow past my brastrap so I might not trim it for a really long time. I want to go natural all summer so I can achieve that and by also wearing protective styles. The picture on the left is when my hair first became damaged last summer and I had to braid it in order to get ANY kind of curl it has since grown out halfway.

PS: I notice that Carol's Daughter products are geared more toward mixed peoples or just curly hair in general not really highly textured hair so I'll see how it does on mine being so damaged. It isn't really an ETHNIC ethnic product because it seems like white people can use it too. I have 3c/4a curly hair and it is very mixed up so I guess I might get some use out of it. I'll see how my hair does.

These are my products so far:

I will post pics of my hair later but it mirrors this: But with quite a few straight pieces :(