Saturday, December 26, 2009

Defining My Curls - Type 3C Hair

I've been wearing my hair natural lately and I want to define my curls more. I tried Carol's Daughter hair milk and it didn't do very much. But yet recently I like IC Fantasia Olive Styling Gel, it is really good and doesn't leave my hair with a crunchy dry feeling at all. Plus it defines my curls much better. I co-wash everyday so I I'm able to put the gel in everyday and so far so good. You can buy this jail just about anywhere, I bought it at a swapmeet but your best bet to get some would be Sally Beauty Supply. I apply this after I wet or condition my hair and when it's dripping wet. I take some sections and run it all the way through my hair by twisting it and sometimes combing it through. I have extremely thick type 3c hair and I cannot comb through it well especially when it's dry but the IC gel has given really good definition that dries well.

My Natural Hair Regimen:

I have 3c SL (unstretched) hair BSL (stretched)

I cowash almost everyday to every other day
I wet my hair everyday
I deep condition every month
I use IC GEL and a spray bottle with water to hydrate my hair and define curls
I just wash - n - go however I tie a tight scarf on my hair in the front in order for it to lay down in the front
I lightly brush out some baby hairs however most of them stick out regardless

Tip: Use Your Fingers to twirl the curls around sometimes in a clump together and then lightly separate.

Results on My Hair:


Disclaimer: I have a bunch of straight pieces so my hair isn't curling at the ends anymore until I grow it out which I will next year. The straight ends are here due to a flat ironing incident that had completely straightened ALL of my hair in 2008.

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  1. what the what?? What's with the pic of lice? xD I don't think that was a product you used on your hair..