Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrity Mane of The Moment: Mel B aka Scary Spice

I've been in love with Mel B's hair since the 3rd grade. In an earlier post I mentioned how I used to beg my mom to let me wear my hair natural so I could look just like her. I got my wish sometimes but most of the time my mom tried to explain to me that my hair was a lil too thick and well "nappy" for the lack of a better word to wear my hair down like hers. But now I know my mom was half-right I guess because I have half of her texture while the rest of my hair is 4a, which is mostly in the back. Scary Spice has a nice full head of 3c hair that might have some 3b spots. I'm not sure if her natural color is light brown or dark brown but I believe her mother's hair, in the "Mama I Love You" music video, was light or even blonde. However, I just love her natural hair but recently she's either been pressed or relaxed and engulfed in weaves and I'd just love to see this natural texture again but I guess that's the old her not the new. It's kinda funny I guess that what helped create her trademark "scary" look was her thick, curly hair. Black hair is "wild" and "scary" perhaps?
Anyway, To keep a look like this going you need a really good moisturizing leave-in like Parnevu, Nexxus Humectrus or Carol's Daughter, whichever one works for you. She probably braided it or slept on it at night but daily washing would be key I think. I wash my natural hair, or co wash it everyday and it keeps the moisture in and dryness out. Having 3c hair can be a really fun look but if you have 4a mixed in like me, my 4a hair will not always take what my 3c hair likes and resists and frizzes up. Anywho, as soon as I finally grow this heat damage ALL the way out I'll be wearing my curly hair down more often so I can repeat this look all over again as I did before I straightened so much. I kind of wonder if even Scary Spice can get this look back with a wash or two but I'll say it again I love this look.

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