Monday, August 17, 2009

Product I Can't Live Without: Parnevu Leave-In

I've been using Parnevu ever since I was a little girl wanting to look like Scary Spice from the Spice Girls. That was my "Hannah Montana" back in the day. I thought I could look JUST like her of my mom would just let me wear my hair down right after it was washed instead of blow drying it. She'd say "You don't have hair like Scary Spice" or "I won't be able to come through it!" but I was obstinate! I finally got my way one day and mind you I used to hate to wash my hair I used to feel like I was drowning so the only happy moment that I used to get was being able to see my natural hair with no pressing comb. My mother and I visited the Science Center one of htose days and at about 7 or 8 years old I spotted a natural. I told my mom "See she wears her hair curly" my mom just looked but somehow we got the lady's attention and she saw that I admired her hair. My mother asked what she did to her hair in order to wear it natural but I don't have hair like hers, "In which I felt offended" but the lady recommended Parnevu as a leave in and that she used it almost every day whenever she wore her hair down. I believed that Parnevu would be a miracle in a bottle and after that I was given a couple of curly downtimes but not much because my mom insisted my hair be comb-able. I wouldn't figure out that I do have hair similar to Scary Spice's hair until I got much older and even my mother and grandmother were amazed at my texture which no one had seen in it's natural state since I was very little back when my hair was 3b/3c or even younger when I was born a 3a/3b. I still use Parnevu and it is drying so I don't recommend it's oversue but its great for the smoothing and styling of naturally curly/kinky hair. It doesn't wiegh your hair down and it smells great. The ingredients are not the absolute best, conataining dry alcohol. But if use sparingly it can make a difference in the softness, maintaining the moisture and dealing with the overall frizz in your hair.

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