Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebrity Mane of The Moment: Teyana Taylor

Now I'm not sure if Teyana Taylor's hair is her's or not but it sure is a beautiful natural look. I personally think it's a lacefront but I've heard the contrary so let's pretend it's all hers for right now. It's a very nice texture, nice and full. I love how she dares to bring the afro back for ladies as I'm seeing quite recently although I don't think it's catching on like wildfire but it is a hot look. I've heard she uses Carols' Daughter Hair Milk which I haven;t gotten much use of but with her 3a/b curls they seem to flourish with it on. All she needs is a nice leave-in and a few braids every night to keep the frizz down and the curls fresh and she's good to go. I would absolutley looove hair like this but it looks like a lot of work. But what I found funny while trying to find articles about her hair on the internet during my treck to validate it, I read someone say her hair wasn't real. Yet, someone replied and claimed 'no that's all her hair because she mixed with Trinidadian and Blackfoot Indian'. I mean she HAS to be directly mixed to have hair like this. What if she was east African or something but this type of hair might exist in W. Africa and I might not know it. But anyways that was funny. Mixed is the key to flourishing hair, not healthy hair care practices. go figure :/


  1. You do not HAVE to be directly mixed to have hair like that....

  2. who said you have to mixed with something to have hair like that? and why is it so hard to believe that's all of her hair? My mom is straight out of Nigeria and has 3a hair. And my little sister is 4c, while i would consider myself 3c/4a, so really that has nothing to do with anything (oh and my dad is 100% Nigerian, too)

    lol this just reminded me of Lil Wayne's "A Milli" '...I'm a Young Money millionaire, Tougher than Nigerian hair... :)

  3. shes definitely not east african.
    im ethiopian.
    we all knw somehow just by look if someone is ethiopian. and she's not her mother doesnt look ethiopian and the name isnt ethiopian.
    ethiopians always names their childrens ethiopian names .
    just wanted to clear that up.
    i personally think shes either from the islands or its weave. but i want to believe its her hair because its beautiful

  4. her mom is african american with a hint of native american .. her dad is also african american... and for the record, its her real hair ...