Monday, August 17, 2009

Long Term Relationship Shampoo and Condish

I am on the journey toward longer and healthier hair and when I saw this shampoo I was excited to try it thinking it would make a difference in the health of my hair. Yes, when I saw the commercial I saw a white girl's long, blonde hair gaining strength but not my own hair type. It smells great, like some type of fruit salad. The first time I washed my hair with it I let the condish on longer than 3 minutes in order to get more out of it and then washed it out after I had put my plastic bag on. The conditioner left my hair really soft and so did the shampoo. I didn't notice much of a difference between this collection and Mane-N-Tail Shampoo except for the smell but I've gotten the same softness. However, long term relationship gives your hair, to me, a much fresher feeling and the packaging is very pretty and creative. I didn't see a difference in the strength of my hair too much but my hair was not doing poorly before this collection of hair care. It is actually my favorite shampoo/condish collection and I use it because I was told not to switch shampoos too often but to find onw that I liked and this is my staple. It isn't ad drying as my trusty Vo5 and I currently have left a bit of the conditioner in my hair overnight while my hair is sitting in the braids in which I mean to take out and let my hair sit in an afro today, or my version of an afro. I recommend ong Term Relationship for its softness and shine it goves your hair and I don't believe its harmful to your hair but I also don't believe it's a miracle product. Maybe this is more helpful on type 1 and 2 type hair. Anyways, try it!

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