Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Current State of My Curls part 2

If you have damaged hair this is the right place for you since I am currently getting over the damaged ends that I still have. My hair has grown out a lot but I still have a lot of growing to do I am currently BSB and my hair is 3c/4a. I have been using Parnevu leave - in, Carols Daughter Hair Milk, Olive Oil Moisturizer, Long Term Relationship Herbal Essences shampoo, Wild Growth Light Oil, Suave cheap gel (not recommended but I use it in small portions) and Motions deep conditioning treatment conditioner. I admit none of these products have worked a miracle on my hair but the treatment cond. has helped my hair stay healthy along with this Olive Oil placenta hot oil treatment that I plan to use monthly.

My Regimen: Press every two weeks with pressing oil <---pressing oil is very important when using heat because it helps protect the hair. Pressing oil is also good for the very dry Californian climate that I live in. -Wash and Condition with Long Term Relationship -(Once a Month) Motions Leave-In -(Once a Month) Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment -Olive Oil MOisturing Lotion before blow drying -I recently startred combing out my hair, braiding and then blow drying so I do not have to tug the dryer through my hair. -I press with oil -I "grease" my scalp with WGO light oil every 2-3 days or with B&B Super Gro grease very, very lightly. They say not to use grease because of petrolatum but my hair grows perfectly fine with it in. Just put it in lightly and put it on your ends to seal them and you should be fine. My hair grew incredibly long in middle school with a ton of grease. I was almost MBL. For those who don't know: NL = Neck Lenght, SL = Shoulder Length, APL = Arm Pit Length, BSL = Bra Strap Length, BSB is synonymous with BSL which means below shoulder blade, MBL = Mid Back Lenght and WL = Waist Length.

My Natural Hair:
Curls on the end courtesy of braidouts. At least it isn't looking like my hair in my last blog. It has really grown.

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