Monday, August 31, 2009

My Trial With Hair Extensions

I'm not into weave and hair dye and anything else that would change the natural look of my hair but my mom wears hair extensions all the time and she wasn't using one of hers so I decided to try it. I mean why not? It's a clip on so I just parted my hair which is BSL and clipped on the extension and BAM i was instantly MBL. It looks really nice and I have it in right now. It is a great protective style since most of the combing I'm doing is of my false hair rather than my natural. I'm not sure what brand of hair my mom used but it's very soft but not Indian Hair expensive either. I really like it and plan on wearing it in the future. I'll still wear my own hair of course but I like the extension piece. It makes my MBL dreams come true and also sets me into reality. As hot as it is in L.A. right now I wouldn't want hair this long 24/7 and I can tell it would be a lot of work to wash and press. I've just flatironed the piece to make it less curly and it looks good. I mean my own family hasn't even noticed and when I told my brother he was shocked because he knows how long and thick my real hair is and how adamant I was against my mother getting pieces put in. But I still think weaves and lacefronts are damaging but wigs are another safe alternative to hair growth/health.

*My hair comes up to wear my shirt starts and the piece is the rest. When I have it all down and if you saw how it looked in the back it is a thick MBL. Clip on extensions are easy and fun!


  1. Hello fellow BHMer..the post about the change in your hair type really surprised me. I know sometimes we're born with a certain look and then bam another one. But you're process seemed like a longer transition. Maybe others have experienced it but I never really though of it before.

  2. Yeah my hair type changed a WHOLE lot and I have pics to prove it and now it seems to be going downhill again because my hair is beginning to get a lot oilier than it used to... :/